Talking about myself

Kill an animal and you are an animal abuser.
Kill many animals and you are in "animal agriculture."
Kill a person and you are a murderer.
Kill many people and you are a politician by other means.1

I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do when I grow up.

We live in a neoliberal society. Among a number of other things, such a society reduces all value to exchange value. I am an intellectual. I do not offer (nor am I interested in) exchange value but rather a public good which, in a neoliberal society, is diminished and demeaned.2 To say that this has consequences is to put it entirely too mildly.

Among those consequences is that I have not, since 2001, despite in that time finishing a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree, and a Ph.D., been able to find a "real" job, by which I mean one that meets the standards of article 7 in a pillar of international human rights law,3 the International Covenant of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights.4 This is a pillar that the United States refuses to ratify.5

Another thing that neoliberalism does is to devalue workers,6 who are seen as an expense rather than an asset. That means the jobs I am able to get pay less than what it costs to live.7 To say that I am furious with this situation and with my inability to improve it might begin to approach the truth.

ORCID iD: My research area is on conservatism.


Graton, June 23, 2012

A warning

This site is not at all friendly to those who think our present system of social organization is ideal, the best that can be achieved, or even acceptable. I am not in any sense a "winner" in this system and have somewhat unintentionally directed much of my education to understanding why I am not a winner. It turns out that this system is inherently unjust to most of the life on this planet with consequences that are already disastrous for many more lifeforms than myself.8 This understanding has profoundly changed me; I no longer accept many of our society's foundational myths. I am a radical in the sense of one who has tried to see the world as it is, rather than what it is supposed to be, and to draw the conclusions that follow from those observations. If indeed this system is the best we can do—and I now fear that we have too little time left in which to make a change—then our extinction, while a tragedy for the many other species we take with us,9 will be richly deserved. If you strongly believe otherwise, you might as well stop reading now; we won't get along anyway.

Who the fuck am I, anyway?

Relationships that won't work

Any work I do will need to be consistent with my ethics.

In addition, my patience for idiots has diminished over time. I am collecting suggestions on things to do if you want me to take you seriously here.

I need a job hunt process that actually works. All I can see is what amounts to a fraud.

Whom would I work with and where?

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