Contacting David Benfell

Updated July 8, 2017.

I am David Benfell. My identity is established on My vcard is available on my profile page.

There are numerous ways of reaching me, with varying degrees of security.

Directory of more secure means

I am accessible through, now, only one end-to-end encryption technology. In addition, all web traffic to this server may be protected with a SSL certificate issued by a generally recognized authority. The web security rating of this site or of any site may be checked using the Qualys SSL Labs SSL Server Test.


Signal on smartphone; susceptible to traffic analysis

+1-707-824-1194 - this service uses one's regular cell phone number.

Secure Communication

The most secure known communication programs are encrypted peer-to-peer with no central authority. Unfortunately, my current setup supports these poorly.

Encrypted, But Less Secure Communication

These means are vulnerable to traffic analysis.


I am on Skype as greybeard95a, but I rarely run it, it almost certainly has a backdoor, and it should not be used. Signal (both voice and SMS) are encrypted end-to-end, using my normal cell phone number, +1 707-824-1194.

If I do not know you, it is probably best to contact me via a social network I use often such as Facebook (my profile).


If you wish to send me an e-mail, and I already know you and will recognize your name, make sure that it appears in the From: header of your email to or to This is a normal configuration detail and should present no difficulty in the majority of cases. Please do not encrypt messages using GnuPG/PGP; I am no longer able to decrypt messages sent using my long-established key. Please be aware the my mail is now hosted using Google's G Suite.


Candorville, May 14, 2016, via GoComics, fair use. My cell phone number is +1-707-824-1194. I do use Call Control: if you are on that app's community black list, or if you withhold your Caller ID, or if you call from a toll-free number, your call will be automatically blocked. My phone numbers are all listed on the National Do Not Call registry. I have voicemail turned off; it should not be offered to you. I rely on Caller ID to know whose calls I should answer and whom I should call back; if I do not recognize you and am not expecting your call, I will probably reject it.

My snail mail address is:


321 S. Main St. #12
Sebastopol, California 95472