Whom would I work with and where?

Whom would I work with?

Since it's hard to conceive what I would do, perhaps it is better to approach the question from the perspective of whom I would prefer to work with:

  • Organizations concerned about sustainability and which acknowledge the extreme role of livestock production in environmental destruction.
  • Organizations which seek to advance a liberal education and which would resist the neoliberal trend toward for-profit education (a scam) and instrumentalization of higher education.
  • Organizations concerned with social, economic, and environmental justice.
  • Vegans, though I prefer the label "vegetarian ecofeminist"
  • Non-smokers (I'm allergic)
  • Highly educated people

I am willing, even anxious, to relocate

Fig. 3. The eleven nations in the U.S. (Brian Stauffer, Tufts University, fair use). I have lived in and around California almost my entire life, but much as I love the scenery here, I also have a love of exploration that sustains a largely unfulfilled interest in other parts of the world (yes, I'm willing to travel and/or relocate, and probably should relocate to the area marked as Yankeedom in figure 31 and would prefer to be in an area with, overall, lower temperatures and higher humidity than where I am now). I am also interested in Portland, Oregon because I am vegetarian ecofeminist, and Portland appears to be a great place to be for vegetarian ecofeminists.

I have a broad background

Graton, August 3, 2012 My employment background is diverse. As an early (1979) A.A. degree in Business Data Processing suggests, I had a smattering of lower-division business classes (not my principal interest) at a junior college and began my working career as a computer programmer/analyst. I worked mostly in solo settings. Since then, I've worked in a variety of situations, only a few of which were technology-related. I was drawn into the tail-end of the dot-com boom as a technical writer at Linuxcare. (I learned later that technical writers are poorly regarded within the high tech industry; at the time, this was the best job I had ever had, both in terms of how I was treated and how I was compensated.) I also worked briefly as a junior-level system administrator as the dot-com crash began to unfold.

I am veganGraton, August 3, 2012